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I recently found a nice soundscape release as a backgound sound at some nights. This work was released at the Rain Netlabel, where you can find a Kenneth Kirschner pieces too.


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John Roberts show his experimental house music on the last release of Dial Records. This german based label was selected as best label by the De:Bug magazine readers anual quest. Artist like Lawrence, Pantha du Prince and Efdemin signed works under this fresh berliner label.

With “Mirror” Roberts reflects the caracteristic dial style under his three tracks on this vynil, as it did last year with her work “Hesitate”.

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Interview with Luomo talking about his last work called “Convivial”, the vision about the future, the music business, and more. Look the entire interview here.

Luomo – Convivial

1 Have You Ever (8:03)
Vocals – Cassy
2 Love You All (7:12)
Vocals – Sascha Ring
3 If I Can’t (7:49)
Vocals – Jake Shears
4 Nothing Goes Away (6:50)
Vocals – Johanna Iivanainen , Sue Cie
5 Robert’s Reason (6:49)
Vocals – Robert Owens
6 Slow Dying Places (8:53)
Vocals – Johanna Iivanainen
7 Sleep Tonight (7:37)
Vocals – Johanna Iivanainen
8 Gets Along Fine (8:10)
Vocals – Chubbs
9 Lonely Music Co. (5:28)
Vocals – Johanna Iivanainen

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demo n tracks Vladislav Delay | Demo (n) tracks
This is an old but interesting album edited by Vladislav Delay in 2004 in his own label Huume Recording. The artist original from Finland mix atmospherics noises and melodies with breaked dubbed rithms, creating personals and intimists tracks. Begining with “Otan Osaa” and ending “Kainuu” this album of 13 tracks Delay applies touches of jazz. It makes three versions of the same track in “Kohmeessa”, and two versions of “Kasvot Uivat”. Vladislav had a passage for the netlabel scene, but the EP (Demo (n) Cuts) released in Thinner is unavailable at this moment.
listen album in last.fm

Vladislav Delay live at DEMF (Detroit Electronic Music Festival) 2007:

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krill_minimanautica.jpg [NSCD007] krill.minima | Náutica
The german artist Martin Juhls also know as Marsen Jules edit its first cd called “Náutica”.
krill.minima is the Martin ambient/dub experimental project, publishing free releases in Thinner and Statdgruen netlabels. This work is a travel across deep and aquatics histories in eight chillout/lounge tracks with relaxing touches of dub influence.

listen cd in last.fm

Nautica video clip:

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gorjehewek.jpg [frag016] Gorje Hewek | Sur-Dramatic Nature
A work charged of poetry from Russia. Four tracks full of found melodies. The EP begins with a ambient track “At the Cafe” charged of bar/restaurante speeches and noises accompanied to piano notes. “Monta Sight” the second track is a techno with dyes of latin rythms and random notes. The next track is the more deep track of this work: “Sudden Care”. Last track “That in it” has the ambiences trade mark of Juan Frank style because they are the same person, and that note in the good taste of its tracks edited.see release page in Fragment

You can download the Gorje Hewek sets from DeepMix Radio Selected music

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